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R.I.P. Eren. Seems like people wants you to die.

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Next up, either Magician AU or Please notice me senpai AU .

On this Nasional Day of Mourning in Malaysia, we remember with deep sadness those on board MH17 and honor their memory. Our deepest condolences goes out to their families and friends.


Wings of Counterattack—Eren Jeager Part 1


For furubusters (◡‿◡✿)

The Scouting Legion is now accepting new recruits

Eren + eyes [SnK episode 1]
"Do you think that I’m actually capable of becoming a murderer, Kira? Even after I help you catch him? Do I seem like that kind of person to you?”
“Yes, you do. I’ve always thought so.

Kuroshitsuji / Yana Toboso’s Blog! / Sebastian Michaelis

if you tHINK im gonna rewatch this 50 episode anime with you just because you havent seen it then you are absolutely right sit down we are marathoning this.


canon eren, mikasa and levi seeing anime promo pics of themselves & eren and mikasa being like ‘where’s armin’ wihle levi’s like ‘where are my own friends why am i with these fucking teenagers what the fuck’

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Zodiac Signs (snk version)


aries- Eaten by a titan

taurus- Titan shifter

gemini- Part of the Stationary guard

cancer- Mother eaten by a titan

leo- Humanities strongest

virgo- Best friend eaten by a titan

libra- 10 titan kills

scorpio- Part of squad Levi

sagittarius- No titan kills

capricorn- Part of military police

aquarius- Traitor

pisces- Part of Scouting Legion

Tokyo Ghoul Ep.5